Are you sick of throwing shit at the internet every day hoping it sticks?

Checking all the boxes. 

Posting all the shit 

Going fucking live. 

And it’s still not working. 

They still aren’t buying. 

Well at least not as much as you want them too. 

I know I know. 

You’ve been told you have to be duplicatable. That everyone with skin is a prospect. Always be selling. 


Niche down. Create a funnel. Find that ONE THING. 


I mean how’s that really working for you? 

All the hustle. All the trying to figure out the thing you’re good at. The thing you’re here to do. 

Are you sick of starting programs only to get stuck on question one? 

You know the one. 

Tell me about your dream life. What are you good at. What are you here to do. 

I get it. 

I hate that shit too. 

I’m like, bitch listen. 

If I knew that. I’d fucking be doing it already. 

Are you done? 

Done stressing. 

Done striving. 

Done trying to figure this shit out on your own. 

Are you ready for more? 

  • More sales. 
  • More Clients. 
  • More money. 
  • More impact.
  • More freedom. 

Dare I say it.

More fun. 

Are you ready to finally find the thing you’re here to do. The message you’re here to unleash on the world. 

Your fucking reason for being here. 

And are you ready to make fuck tons of money doing it? 



From flow. 

Not from all the fucking stress. 


Because that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do. 

Hi. I’m The Mindy Sartin. And 2 years ago I was a homeless single mom on welfare. I had left a failing marriage with nothing but a minivan. Some diapers. 3 babies and dollhouse. 

Today I live in a penthouse overlooking the city and in the last 60 days, I manifested over $110,000. Working less. Spending more time with my kids. Going to the spa. Living my fucking life. 


Because I know what to focus on and when to focus on it. I know how to create fuck yes offers that my Clients actually want. And I know how to sell them in a way that feels good and doesn’t take a fuck load of time to do it. 

When I started my business. I was working full time. Living in a one-bedroom apartment wondering how I was going to make rent every month. 

I invested $1,000 in a course that I did not have. And it changed everything. 

See here’s the thing. I’ve had business in the past. I’ve made money. I’ve done the fucking thing. 

But I had forgotten who I was. What I came here to do. 

I was tired. I was scared. I was alone. And I was fucking done. 

Can you relate? 

So I took the leap. I spent my rent money and started the course. 

See. I needed a path to run on. I needed someone to remind me who the fuck I was. 

And it worked. 

I went from one Client to $10,000/month in 90 days. The next month I cut my hours in half and doubled my income. 

And now I teach badass boss bitches like you how to do the same. 

Like Wesley. A broke single mom. She was going to school full time. Running a failing housekeeping business. Barely making ends meet. 

She invested her last penny to work with me. 

The next day she made $7,000 and manifested her dream car. 

We got clear on her fuck yes offer and now she makes $20,000/month in a business that didn’t even exist before we started working together. 

Or Sharonna. Who got clear on who she served and how she served them and had 25 new Clients in ONE WEEK! 

Or Kathleen who finally started showing up and manifested $15,000 in 60 minutes and 42 new Clients in 3 hours. 

This shit works y’all. 

I have a proven, simple system for CREATING, LAUNCHING, and SELLING your fuck yes offer in 7 days. 

The thing you’re actually here to do. The life you’re actually here to live. The people you’re actually here to help. 

Are all waiting for you on the other side of fear. 

So my dear. 

Are you ready? 

Ready to jump. 

Ready to go all in. 

Ready to make fuck tons of money. Help fuck tons of people. Live fuck tons of life. 

Without all the stress. Without all the striving. Without all the figuring it out. 


I’m ready to help you. 

Let’s fucking do this!! 

I literally just wrote this sales page in the shower on my iPhone. 


It gets to be that easy. 

Without all the tech. Without all the fancy funnels. Without all the fucking things. 

I have sold out programs with a Facebook post and a payment link. 

Yes. Just like the one you’re reading now. 

It gets to work. It gets to be easy. You get to stop trying to make things so fucking hard.

So here's what you get:

  1. 30 Days of unlimited support in our VIP Members Only FB group. Where you can literally ask me anything about your business. Your offers. Your Clients. Your systems. Your life. Whatever it is. I'm here to help you through it. For 30 fucking days!
  2. The Fuck Yes Offer Formula Workshop. This is the EXACT Formula I use to CREATE, LAUNCH & SELL my Fuck Yes Offers on repeat. Without all the stress. Without all the bullshit. Without all the overwhelm. And I'm literally handing it to you.
  3. How I made $8,000 off ONE FB live...that I had not even planned out before it started.
  4. How I sell out programs that are actually fun to make...without having all the shit figured out beforehand.
  5. How I make more money working less hours than ever before...with less stress. Less bullshit. Less overwhelm.

You'll also learn my secrets for:

  • Course creation without all the tech bullshit.
  • Simple Sales pages for people who can’t sell.
  • How to get payment quickly and easily without a fucking website.
  • How to literally create and launch your offer in minutes.
  • All the things you need to get over yourself and launch the fucking thing already.

All of it!

AND THEN...THE BONUSES. Holy Shit! The Bonuses!

  • The Mini Course Launch Formula - How to Create, Launch & Sell your badass mini course today. Yep right now. Like in a half an hour.
  • Make Money This Week - How To Land Your Next Client In 24 Hours. Yep 24 fucking hours! This training is gold.
  • The 6-Figure Sales Formula - My EXACT formula for going from ONE Client to $10,000/month as a burnt out, stressed out, tired as fuck single mom living in a one bedroom apartment with 3 babies. Shit y'all...if I can do it...anyone can. in?

Click the button below. If it's a FUCK YES... Buy that shit & I'll see you on the other side.

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