The Mindy Sartin

“I started working with Mindy and 12 hours later made $7,000, manifested my dream car AND moved into a luxury apartment!! I’m SO thankful I said YES”

The Mindy Sartin

“Since working with Mindy, I’ve manifested money like CRAZY! I did ONE thing that Mindy told me to do and manifested $11,645 in 3 days!! Thank you, God! Thank you, Mindy!”

The Mindy Sartin

“I’ve admired Mindy’s work from afar for a while. I got the opportunity to work with her, and within just one phone call I was able to manifest $20,000. Incredible!”

Mindy November 2020

Hi! I'm Mindy!

The Manifestation Queen. I have the power to unlock your ability to get whatever the fuck you want.



Without all the fucking struggle.

I went from being homeless and on welfare with my 3 little kids to living in a penthouse and making $20,000/month regularly in my business in a matter of months.

And now I help other women manifest their dream life too!

Let's fucking do this!