Welcome To Being Magnetic AF & Manifesting The Fuck Out Of The Life You’re Here For.


Welcome to busting through the bullshit & manifesting $1,000s OVERNIGHT.

Welcome to The Playground.


Right. Fucking. Now. Not in 6 months. Not in 6 years. Not in 6 weeks.

Right. Fucking. Now...You ready?

The Mindy Sartin

“Well shit ladies! I just manifested $76,890 in ONE day! I also reclaimed my relationship with God. Do. The. Work. Mindy knows her shit. You got this!”

Business Owner

The Mindy Sartin

“In 30 days, I manifested my dream job making $166,000 per year working part-time from home.”

Badass Boss Bitch

I heard some shit today.

That if you want to make millions it has to be hard. You have to be willing to to manage huge teams and navigate tons of stress. That you have to be willing to sacrifice everything to get there.

I call bullshit. 

Listen. Hustle has its place for sure.

But it doesn’t have to be so fucking hard. So stressful. So damn much.


Like it got you here. It served you. You’re making money. You're doing shit. You’re growing. And you’re tired. You're burning out. You’re getting sick.

I mean. But you’re living your best life. 


The money. The business. The Clients. The impact. All the things you thought you wanted.

Problem is.

You’re still not really happy.

Not really fulfilled. Not really living the life you know you’re here for.

I mean. It’s good. But not great. Not epic. Not fucking magical.

And you want more.

But you’re afraid to tell anyone. Because from the outside looking in. You already have it all.

It’s ok. I’ve been there. I feel you. 

I get it.

The Mindy Sartin

“Since I started working with Mindy, I have generated over $56,000 in 90 days (during a pandemic), manifested my dream car AND moved into a luxury apartment... all while going to school full time and raising a three year old!!!”

Empowerment Coach

The Mindy Sartin

“Within 1 week of working with Mindy, I have 25 new clients. This is CRAZY!!!”

Health & Wellness

I used to work so fucking hard.

Constantly hustling for my worthiness. Proving my value.

Making fuck tons of money. 

Hustling my ass off.

Then I realized something. You can hustle your way to 6-figures. You can even maintain it for a while. And then something always happens...

The money starts running out.

You’re exhausted. Stressed. Bored. No matter what you do. You always hit the same wall. The same limit.

The same bullshit.

You’ve hired all the coaches. Done all the mindset work. Listened to all the fucking books. And you still hit that fucking wall.

Every. Single. Time.

You know that you know that you know...You were made for more. You’re here to do big things. You’re here to have it fucking all.

And it’s time to let it be easy. 

Time to let it be worth it. Time to go all in on the life you’re here for.

Time to manifest the fuck out of the life you’re here for.

From ease and flow.

It’s time to let go of the struggle. The stress. The bullshit.

It’s time to play.


Right. Fucking. Now.

It’s time.

The Mindy Sartin

“I mean....what in the literal F*CK?!? How does one person manifest $15,000 in 60 minutes and 42 clients in 3 hours?? Oh....right....she has a 60 minute coaching call with Mindy!!!!”

Beauty Brand Owner

The Mindy Sartin

“Prior to working with Mindy, I never believed in manifestation. If it’s too good to be true, it is right? Well Mindy had me do ONE thing! In 24 hours, I manifested $3604. A FEW days later, I manifested $8041. That’s $11,645!! I’m so blessed and so thankful!”

Steadfast Virtual Solutions

Welcome to The Playground.

Welcome to your tribe. Your community.

Your next fucking level.

Welcome to having more. While doing less.

Welcome to collapsing time and space for epic results.

Right. Fucking. Now.

Welcome to being magnetic AF so Clients. Money. Men. Everything comes to you.

With ease and flow.

Where you can stop hustling. Chasing. Doing.

Where you can relax. Enjoy. Play.

I know. I know.

I used to hate play too. I wanted money. Money. And more.

Yep. Money.

And I was willing to do what it takes. As long as it takes. Until it takes. No matter what it takes.

Even if that meant working 50 hours a week. Barely sleeping. Busting my ass.

Not anymore bitches.


I work 10-15 hours a week.

I’ve manifested multiple six figures in the last two years.

By DOING less. By BEING more. By taking fucking NAPS.

See. Here’s the thing...


2 years ago I was homeless.

I left my marriage. The life I fought so hard to build.

I drove across the country with 3 babies. Some diapers. A dollhouse. And my best friend.

I left it all behind.

I started over.

In 9 months I had built a 6 figure business.

In 13 months I had manifested the most amazing penthouse. My dream home. 

I was a single mom.

I had hustled my way into the life of my dreams.

And then I realized something.

I had it all.

The money. The Clients. The impact. The house. The things.

And I was fucking tired. I was burnt out. I was alone.

Then something happened.

I decided to let it be easy. I decided to let go of the struggle.

I decided to go all in on the life I’m really here for.

I cut my hours in half and manifested my first $20,000 month.

I’ve since manifested multiple $20,000 days.

By working less. Stressing less. Doing less. Having more. More FREEDOM. More FUN. More IMPACT.

More fuck yes soulmate Clients who come to me instead of chasing them down.


Here’s the thing.

You get to have it all when you stop trying to do it all.

When you truly become who you’re here to be. When you do the inner work.

When you bust through the bullshit that keeps you stuck.

You become a fucking force.

Welcome to The Playground - How To Be Magnetic AF & Manifest The Fuck Out Of The Life You’re Here For.

Welcome to EASEWelcome to FLOW. Welcome to letting it be EASY.

Welcome to manifesting fuck tons of money FAST.

Like my Client who manifested $1.1 Million in 77 days implementing my simple strategies.

Or my Client who got on one of our Money Activation Calls and manifested $250,000 overnight. And another $110,000 in 30 days.

All while working less and playing more. All while being true to herself. All while letting it be easy. All while letting it be fun.

You know it’s time. And this is your next step.

The Mindy Sartin

“I’ve admired Mindy’s work from afar for a while. Her energy is contagious, her story so damn inspiring. The universe worked its magic and I got the opportunity to work with her, and within just one phone call I was able to manifest $20,000. Incredible!”

Graphic Designer

The Mindy Sartin

“I’ve been coaching 1:1 with Mindy for 5 weeks and in that time she not only shook a bunch of shit up (it’s what she does best), I also manifested over $40k, and have seen massive shifts in my personal life.”

Business Owner

Grab your spot. Join the tribe. Stop being the smartest bitch in the room.

It’s time to UP-LEVELIt’s time to GO ALL INIt’s time to FUCKING PLAY.

All the strategy. All the spiritual.

Every. Fucking. Thing you need to manifest fuck tons of money on the regular.

From EASE and FLOW.

Grab your spot. Don’t wait another second.

Everything you’ve always wanted is waiting for you on the other side.

So here's what you get as a member of The Playground:

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Click the button. Say yes to Soul.

Do the fucking thing...And I'll see you on the other side!

xo! Mindy

The Mindy Sartin

“I booked 3 Clients in my first week of working with Mindy and raised my rates as she teaches.”

Vet Tech

The Mindy Sartin

“I manifested $31,000 in 4 days after working with Mindy.”

Stay-At-Home Mom

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