I Get It...Your Shit's Spinning Out Of Control & You Want To Make More Money Now.

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BUT. How’s your morning routine? 🤷‍♀️

I know. I know.

You’re thinking...Mindy I just told you I’m overwhelmed. Stressed out. Ready to fire all my Clients and go get a job at Starbucks.

Or maybe you’ve been spinning your wheels for what seems like forever and you just can’t seem to hit that $10K mark on repeat.

Whatever it is.

My first answer is always the same.

How’s your morning routine?

To which my Clients will often look at me like I have two heads and have straight up lost my damn mind.

They are like...

Uh. Mindy. Did you hear what I just said?


Yep. I hear you. I get it. I’ve been there.

Working my ass off. Doing all the things. Stressed the fuck out.

Making $10k a month.


Working 50 hours a week as a full-time single mom with three babies.

Not getting any sleep.

Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Burnt out. Ready to quit.

Yeah. I’ve been there.

And the truth is. I already know the answer.

When things started going well. When the money started rolling in. When the Clients started calling you.

The first thing that went was your morning routine.


Because you just didn’t have time to meditate anymore. You didn’t have time to take care of you first. You didn’t have time to write down what you’re grateful for. You didn’t have time to read. You didn’t have time to set your intentions. You didn’t have time to journal. You didn’t have time to do your messaging and sell to your people.


Because you’re so busy taking care of your Clients.

And more than that.

You’re so busy taking back control. Figuring it all out. Making it work.

Pushing. Forcing. Doing.

So let me ask you, love.

How’s that working out for you?

All the pushing. The doing. The making it happen. The figuring it out.

The doing it all on your own.

My guess is... Not so good.

So I ask you again. How’s your morning routine?

Are you taking time first thing to connect to God, Source, Soul?

Are you setting your intentions for the day? Coming from a place of celebration and gratitude?

Or are you running? Figuring? Doing? From the second you open your pretty little eyes in the morning.

Already stressed the fuck out. Already behind the 8-ball. Already fucking tired.

How’s that working out for you?

When my Clients tell me they don’t have time to meditate. I tell them that is the ONLY thing they have time for.

That meditating, Connecting in, Doing their purpose work, COMES FIRST!

And that EVERYTHING else comes second.

What if you really believed everything was truly adding up in your favor? What if it really was this or something better? This or something more.

What if everything really was always working out for you?

What if you believed?

That everything truly is possible. That all of your dreams. All those things you’ve kept locked up inside of you. Afraid to actually want.

Are already here for you!

Yep. Like right now.

What if you were coming from a place of faith and not fear?

What if you fully backed yourself and trusted?

How would you show up now?

Would you take the time to connect in to Source? To ask God? What would you have me be? Who would you have me serve? How would you have me serve them?

Would you be still? Be quiet for 15 minutes. Just to listen.

Would you be willing to make that investment in yourself?

Or would you keep pushing? Striving. Making. Figuring.

Don’t you think it’s time to try another way?

I dare you to try it. Give it a week. See how you feel.

If it doesn’t work, your stress and overwhelm will gladly return home. Trust me. They are always right there waiting for you to invite them back in.

I see you. I believe in you. And you don’t have to do this alone.

Xo! Mindy

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