It’s Time To Let Go Of Your Abusive Relationship With God & Move The Fuck On Already...

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I know I know. Who even says that shit.

But here’s the thing. You were sold a lie.

You were told that in order to serve God. In order to be a good believer. In order to truly follow Him you had to give up everything.

That things had to be hard.

That you were too selfish. That money was evil.

You were sold the lie that in order to serve this Creative Spirit of the Universe,

You had to be fucking broke.

But I call bullshit.

I mean think about it.

If you were called to be broke. To be small. To be mediocre.

If you were called to live some basic life.

Why would you be here? Right now. Reading this.

Why would you have those desires deep down inside of your soul?

You know.

The ones you’ve had since you were a little girl.

The ones you gave up on in the name of serving this great big God.

The ones you don’t even want to tell anyone about because they will just take it away.

Here’s the truth friend. You made a choice. You gave it all up. You chose to be broke. You chose to make it hard. You chose to struggle.

All in the name of Jesus.

And now you’re pissed.

And rightly so.

You gave it all up. On the promise that if you served Him you would be blessed beyond measure.

And then you weren’t.

You’ve worked your ass off. Taken all the courses. Hired all the coaches.

Did all the fucking things.

And you’re still broke. Or at least nowhere near where you wanted to be.


Because some human sold you a story. That in order to be a good believer. In order to truly serve God, you had to first die to yourself.

To give it all up.

To go off to the mission fields. To give away all your money. To suffer and work hard.

That my dear sweet love.

That WAS NOT God.

That was man. That was someone’s interpretation of their experience. That they sold you.

And now you’re pissed at God.

But here’s the hard truth.

God didn’t make you do shit. God didn’t make you struggle. God didn’t make you suffer. God didn’t make you do anything.

You made the choice. You used your free will. And you did the damn thing.

And now you hate God.

And I get it. I’ve so been there. I bought the lies. The stories. The “truths”.

And I was fucking pissed.

I remember one day when I was a little kid. I was angry as fuck. And wanted to kill myself.

My mom told me to pray. I was like pray? You’ve lost your goddamn mind!


To what. The God who let my father leave. The one who let me be abused. The one who left me.

Fuck. That.

Then she did something.

She told me to throw my God off the balcony and get a new one.


This was the beginning of my new relationship with God. With this infinite abundance. This loving. Caring. Energy. This thing that wanted only good for me.

And I started to get to know Him.

Whatever the hell that meant.

So today friend I challenge you to break up with your abusive God. The one who punishes you when you don’t do it right.

The one who makes you feel like no matter what you do it isn’t enough.

The one who lets you down.

Dump his ass.

And get a new one.

Borrow mine if you need to.

My God is majestic. Amazing. Loving. Kind. Beautiful. Powerful. Unending. Magical.

My God is love.

And frankly, my God doesn’t want my ass to be broke.

I am here to rule and reign. To have dominion. To grow the Kingdom.


How in the actual fuck are you supposed to do that broke? Tired. And alone.

It’s time to change your mind.

It’s time to believe that anything. Absolutely anything is possible for those who believe.

That you can do anything.

That miracles are possible and you are fucking entitled to them.

That you are here to do big things. And you aren’t going to do them broke.


If you’re ready to be free.

Free from the anger. The pain. The suffering. The fucking struggle.

It’s time to get a new conception of God. Soul. Source. Universe.

And live the life you're fucking here to live.

You ready?

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.

Xo! Mindy

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