How To Handle Objections Without Feeling Like A Manipulative Douchebag

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I get it. You want to sell your shit.

You’ve been taught that if you ask someone enough times...7 to be exact.

They will say yes.

That if you have the right scripts. If you ask the right questions in the right ways.

If you say the right things.

They will say yes.

You’ve been taught it’s about the numbers.

If you want to make X dollars. You need to charge X amount. And sell X programs.

This means you need to talk to X people.

Depending on your closing need to have X sales calls.

That means X conversations per day.

Which means.


Are you bored yet??

Does this work.


Does running the gunners work.


Does reading the script in the right and perfect way. Asking the questions to walk them down the path to a sale work.


Does cold messaging a fuck ton of people to start a conversation with the intent to get them on a sales call work.


Does being a master objection handler work.


I mean.

If I’m being honest.

I used to do all that shit.

I used to make 2,000 dials per month. To cold leads. With a script for every objection they could throw at me. All in hopes of selling one $11,000 travel package per month.

Which I did.

People were numbers. They were easily swayed. They were dollar signs.

And I was fucking good at it.

I could sell anything to anyone.

I could take any question. Any objection and use it against them.

I was relentless and did not back down until they said yes.

And eventually I hated myself for it.

I stopped talking to people all together.

I refused to sell anything. Even though. Clearly. It’s what God put me here to do.

Just not like that.

No by manipulating. Not my convincing. Not by jockeying and positioning myself as the solution to a problem they didn’t even know they had yet.

Not like that.

I will no longer FORM someone to find out what they like and what’s important to them.

Just so I can make some fucking money. All in the name of truly caring about them.

Because friend.

That shit is usury. It’s manipulation. It’s bullying.

And honestly.

It’s fucking gross.

Still with me...


Keep reading.

A Client asked me yesterday. Where I talk about handling objections in my training.

Because y’all. I am the MASTER objection handler.

Honestly I’ve had multiple people tell me that.

Which by the way.

Makes me an amazing fucking coach.


Because in every conversation. Someone is selling something.

And when I work with someone. I refuse.


To buy their bullshit.

I believe in them at times more than they believe in themselves.

I see their greatness and I stand in the gap. In the face of their excuses. Their fear. Their stories.

And I help them pull it out.


How do I handle objections in a sales conversation.

In short.

I don’t.

Not anymore.

If you want to buy my shit. Buy my shit. If you don’t. Don’t.

But if I’m being honest.

Because I show up every day.

I give value to my people.

I am unapologetically myself.

I share the message God put me here to share.

I speak the the person God put me here to help.

I don’t have to “handle objections”.

By the time someone reaches out to me.

They are pretty much ready.

And if they’re not.

I don’t want to work with them.


I do have a framework.

A set of questions I ask to find out if what I have will help them. If we are a good fit.

I will interview them to find out what their problem is. What’s keeping them stuck. What achieving their goals would do for them and their family.

Stuff like that.

And when they ask me questions.

I answer them.

I tell stories.

Like...You remind me of Wesley. She is a single mom. She was going to school full time running a failing cleaning business.

She was broke. Worn out. Stressed out. Exhausted.

But she knew working with me was her next step.

She invested her LAST penny to work with me.

The next day she made $7,000 and manifested her dream car.

Within 2 weeks she made $11,000 in a coaching business that didn’t even exist before we started.

In 90 days she had made $59,000 working 3 hours a day from home.

And last week she made $23,000 in ONE DAY.

If I know that I know that I know what I have can help them. If they show up and fucking do it.

Then I say listen.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?


I ask them to tell me why it won’t work.

I know. I know.

Who fucking does that.

If it doesn’t work. You invest this money. What’s the worst that could happen. No really. Tell me.

And they do.

Then I say great.

But...what if it does.

And they cry.

Because if it does work.

If they do take that leap.

If the fucking jump.

It will change their whole fucking life. And they know it.

See there is no accident you’re reading this right now.

There are no mistakes.

When people reach out to work with me. It’s because they’re ready.

It’s because they have seen my content.

They have seen me yelling at the internet.

Spewing whatever message God has for me. And then saying.

By the way.

Here’s what it looks like to work with me.

And when they do reach out. And we both know it’s their next step.

I say.

Listen. I want you to take fear off the table. And take possibility off the table.

I want you to ask soul. Source. God. Universe.

Is this my next step.

If it’s not.

Don’t do it.

If it is.

You better fucking jump.

Because delayed obedience is still disobedience. And if God tells me to jump off the cliff.

You better believe my ass is jumping.


Because what happens next is always bigger than I could have ever imagined.

And yo girl loves her some miracles.

So how do I handle objections.

I don’t.

They are already handled before someone reaches out to me.

And honestly.

Fear is the only objection.

And rather than try and systemically convince someone.

I just have them look that shit dead in the eye.

Let it come up.

That way that big ass dinosaur they think is about to eat them.

Goes away.

They realize. Really.

The worst thing that could happen is they spend the money. And they end up exactly where they are now.

But the best thing that could happen.

Is everything.

I see you. I believe in you. And you don’t have to do this alone.

Xo!! Mindy

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