You DON’T HAVE Money Because You DON’T WANT Money...

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You don’t have Clients because you don’t want Clients.

I know. I know.


That’s ridiculous.

Why would anyone not want money? Why would anyone not want Clients?

I don’t know.

Why don’t YOU want money? Why don’t YOU want Clients?


I asked a Client this question yesterday and she looked at me like...

What do you mean?

Of course I want Clients. Of course I want money.


But do you.



Or is it possible.

That maybe. Just maybe.

You are terrified to really do the thing you’re here. To really make the money you’re here to make. To really live the life you’re here to live.

That maybe. Just maybe.

You’re afraid to go all in on truly being you. Like all of you.

Is it possible.

That maybe. Just maybe.

You already know what to do next.

And in fact.

You’re avoiding doing that very thing.


Because deep down inside you already know the answers. And deep down inside you know it will actually work.

Deep down inside. You know it’s the thing.

The thing that brings you the Clients. The thing that brings you the money.

The thing that brings you the work.

Oh now we’re getting somewhere.

See you believe that with more money. More Clients. More impact.

Comes more work. More stress. More bullshit. More overwhelm.

You think that in order to make more money you must first work harder.

Prove yourself. Be enough. Do ALL the things.

So instead of doing the ONE thing you know will move you forward.

You fill your day with all the other bullshit that doesn’t really matter.

You get bogged down with Client emails. Creating systems. Organizing your process. Writing job descriptions.

Scrolling on Facebook for God only knows how long.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve done it.


Sometimes I still do it.

I literally block the flow of money when things feel like they are getting too big.

I avoid doing the shit I’m here to do.

I stop writing my daily posts. I stop going live. I stop connecting. Giving value. And asking for the sale.


Because sometimes that little girl inside of me comes back up to the surface too.

She tells me I’m not good enough. Not smart enough.

Not working hard enough.

That I can’t possibly do the thing I know I’m here to do.

That people don’t really want my help. Don’t really need my help.

That I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

And on and on and on.

But I don’t have to tell you.

You’ve heard the same stories.

That you need to work hard. Have a good work ethic. Do things the right way.

Figure it all out.

And then.

And only then.

Will it be ok for you to make money.

But what if all of that was total bullshit.

What if that story.

The one that making more money means more work. More stress. More struggle. More overwhelm.

Was actually total bullshit.

What if you didn’t have to have it all figured out. What if you really are enough.

Just you. Just now. Just this.

Not once you do all the things.

Not once you check all the boxes.

Not once you’ve done the hard work.

Now. Right now.

What if you decided to be her.

The next level. Rich as fuck. Boat rocking. Trailblazing. World changing. Magical fucking unicorn of the Internet badass you are here to be.


What if you could decide to be her now.

What if you could decide to let it be easy and stop making everything so god damn hard.

What if you could trust.

Show up.

Make space for the message to come through.

And open your fucking mouth.

Give value to your people.

Not because you planned it all out. Not because you figured it all out. Not because you did it all the right way.


Because you sat your ass in the chair. You did the thing. The actual thing.

And not all the other bullshit.

What if you first connected in to God. Source. Soul.

Asked. What would you have me be? Who would you have me serve? How would you have me serve them?

Listened. To what you heard. Made the space for the answers to come through.

Trusted. That what you heard was from soul. The first thing. Not all the other shit. All that other shit is fear and bullshit lies you tell yourself.

And did the fucking thing. The thing you heard. The thing you know to do. The next step.

Without expectation. Without attachment. Without trying to produce a result.

But because it is the thing you’re here to do.

And that in itself is enough.

What if you did that?


It would work.

And the clients would come. And the money would come.

And holy shit. The life of your dreams would come.

So tell me.

Why don’t you want to have Clients? Why don’t you want to have money?

Or maybe another way.

Why isn’t it safe for you to make money? Why isn’t it safe for you to have success?

When we can deal with that. Let the shit come up. Feel all the things you haven’t been safe to feel.

And let that shit go.

Then. Only then can you come out on the other side. Only then can you move the fuck on.

On to the Clients. On to the money. On to the life you know deep down inside you’re fucking here for.

You ready.

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.



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