What If You Actually Knew What You Were Here To Do...

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What If You Actually Knew What You Were Here To Do...

AND could make fuck tons of money doing it.

Would you want to know how?

Would you be intrigued?

Would you be interested?

Funny. That word. Interested.

I was taught years ago in sales training to NEVER use the word interested.

I was taught a bunch of other bullshit too.

Like people are numbers.

People can only say no 7 times.

No just means not yet.

Questions are buying signs...this one isn’t completely un-true.

Objections can be "handled".

Run the numbers.

Churn and burn.

Yeah. A whole bunch of bullshit.

I read scripts. I cold dialed. I sold the fuck out of anything.

And I hated it.

I was a machine. A robot. A mess.

But it worked.

Cold dialing. Works.

Reading scripts. Works.

Handling objections. Works.

Sending "Hey Girl" messages. Works.

If you do it enough times. If you wear them down. If you ask them the right questions so they have to say yes.

It all fucking works.

And it sucks.

I mean.

Who really wants to do that shit. Day in and day out.

Not really giving a shit about people. Strategically asking questions to walk them into your solution.

So much manipulation.

And I will NEVER do that shit again.

This is why I’m so committed to teaching my Clients how to sell from service. Live from Soul. And genuinely give a fuck about the people they’re here for.


Everyone with skin on is not your prospect.

Have some fucking standards already.

Who are you here to serve?

What do you need to shake them and make them understand?

What result do you offer?


Not the THING you offer. The RESULT you offer.


You don’t know the difference.

You’re not really sure.

What problem do you solve?

How do you solve it?

Still not sure.

Still throwing shit at the Internet hoping it will stick.

Still wishing and praying you can figure this thing out.

Still wondering if it will ever work?

Yeah. I get it. I’ve been there.

I see you.

Doing all the things.

Checking all the boxes.

Making all the sacrifices.

And it’s still not working.

You’re still broke. Or at least not where you want to be.

And you’re fucking sick of it.


What are you going to do about it?

Keep selling the thing they told you to sell. Living the life they told you to live. Doing the things they told you to do.

Or will you stand up?

Will you decide.

Will you go all in.

On being you. All of you. More of you.

Will you go all in on serving who you’re here to serve? Loving who you’re here to love. Saying what you’re here to say.

Or will you be a scared little bitch. And leave things all the same.

The choice is up to you my love.

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.




Did you grab your spot?

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Read the page.

If it’s for you jump. If not. It’s all good.

But if you read it.

And God. Source. Soul. Universe. The 13 Oak Trees out back tell you to jump.

And one more time you fucking don’t.

I cannot help you.

But if you’re willing to let it be easy. Willing to let it be fun. Willing to let it be flow.

Then join us.

I cannot wait to work with you. 💕💕


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