What A Year This Has Been!

8-17 Blog
2 years ago we were homeless bouncing between my mom’s guest room and my best friend’s house. We were on welfare. I had just become a single mom and had completely forgotten who I was and what I was here to do.

13 months later we were moving into the penthouse. The nicest loft in the nicest part of town. And now I manifest $20,000 days and teach other badass women how to do the same.

Your life is always evolving. Things are always changing. Nothing will ever stay the same.

And everything. Literally, everything can change overnight.

I want you to know it is possible. I want you to know you are worth it. I want you to know you can do anything.

And I want you to know I believe in you.

I almost cannot believe it’s been a year since that still small voice inside said...I want to live in the penthouse.

I remember thinking...are you fucking crazy? How will that even work?

Where will the money come from? How will you do it on your own?

You’re not good enough.

See I had just had my first $20,000 month. And I didn’t know if it would happen again.

I was scared.

But I knew that I knew that I knew. This was our home.

And I knew that if I decided it was done. Thanked God for it and walked it out as if it was.

The penthouse was already mine.

That was last August 1st.

Two weeks later we moved from our 1 bedroom into our 1,800 square foot 3 bedroom with floor to ceiling windows and the most amazing light.

That same day I had my first chargeback. It was for $3,500 and I still knew God had me. That everything is always working out in my favor.

And despite the fear and all the bullshit lies it kept telling me.

I continued to show up.

I continued to serve.

I continued to build.

And everything changed.

I made a decision on a Thursday 2 years ago that I did not have to live the way I was living.

On Friday I knew it was time to go.

On Saturday I packed my kids in the minivan with diapers. A MacBook and a dollhouse and drove across the country to the life I swore I’d. never live.

And because of it. All my dreams are coming true.

Everything can change in an instant.

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone. 💕

Xo! Mindy

Ps. If you’re ready to manifest the f#ck out of the life you’re here to live something fucking epic is coming for you.

Ready to call in fuck tons of money fast. Manifest your dream home. Your dream relationship. Your dream life.

I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

It’s coming this week.

Be excited. Be ready.

It is absolutely going to change your whole damn life.


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