But Mindy... How Do I Get Them To Look Past The Swearing & See Your Value? 🤷‍♀️

8-27 blog
One of my Clients asked me this yesterday.

​She told one of her friends about my new program Manifestation Queen and apparently, her friend had an issue with my “swearing”.

​First of all, can we just talk about that word for a quick minute?

​Swearing is the use of offensive language.

​Can someone please tell me who the authority is on offensive language.

​Like who decided fuck was a “bad” word anyway.

​Or let’s talk about the word “cursing”. That’s another one I get.

​I love your message Mindy. But I just can’t get behind your cursing.

​Since when is saying fuck invoking a curse on someone.

​Another definition is to use offensive language in anger or annoyance.

​Here’s the truth.

​I say fuck because it makes me happy. I say it because it is as normal to me as the word the.

​I say because well frankly. A lot of times it’s the only word that says what I need to say.

​I say it because it makes me fucking smile.

​I’m not some angry teenager throwing words around just to have an effect. Just to make an impact.

​I say it because my muse likes it.

​When I sit down to write. I’m not pissed off. Upset. Annoyed and trying to prove a point.

​I’m connected in to Source.

​I’ve asked God. Show me what you’d have me be. Show who you’d have me serve. Show me how you’d have me serve them.

​And then.

​I fucking say it.

​Whatever it is.

​However it comes out.

​Without a filter. Without an editor.

​Without any fucking fear of what you might think of me. Or if you will be offended and not want to buy my shit.

​And really.

​I don’t even create to sell. I sell to create.

​Let that one sink in for a moment.

​I have a mission. A purpose. A passion. A fucking reason for being here.

​And I’m going to show up and do the work I’m here to do.

​Every. Single. Day.

​I’m going to jump off the cliff naked.

​Every. Single. Day.

​I’m going to say the thing that needs to be said. To the people who need to hear it. ​And I’m not going to worry about what someone might think about me.

​Well. To be honest. That one still fucks with me from time to time.


​Here’s the thing.

​Deep down inside of me there is still this little piece of me who wants you to like me. ​To approve of me. To tell me I’m good enough.

​Yeah she sneaks in every once in a while.

​But then I remind that bitch that I’m fucking epic. A magical fucking Unicorn. A fucking queen.

​That I have a people assigned to my life.

​That I’m not here for everyone. I’m not here to make people happy. To do it like everyone else.

​I’m here to shake things up. Wake things up. Stir things up.

​I’m here to make a difference. To do the things most people won’t do. To have an impact.

​To change the fucking world.

​And so are you.

​You are the trailblazer. The world changer. The epic fucking badass. The baddest bitch in the room.

​And you.

​You my love.

​Are the one I’m here for.


​How do you convince your friend to look past my swearing to see the value of what I do?


​You fucking don’t.

​My results speak for themselves. My Clients are epic next level Badasses and they change the fucking world.

​If she can’t see that.

​It’s ok.

​We love her. We bless her. We let her go play with the other kids.

​Because frankly.

​She doesn’t belong in our sandbox.

​And that gets to be ok.

​I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.

​Xo! Mindy

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