You Must FIRST Go All In On The Madness Of Being You.⁣

9-2-2020 blog
And then.⁣

Be. Even. More. Fucking. You.⁣

You must decide to live the life you’re meant for now.⁣

To have the things.⁣


To do the things.⁣


To make the money.⁣


Not in 6 weeks. Not in 6 months. Not in 6 years.⁣

Right. Motherfucking. Now.⁣


Because. It’s how it is meant to be.⁣

Because it’s why you are here.⁣

Because you must.⁣

But first you must decide.⁣

To go all in on the madness of being you.⁣

To make the space for follow to take over.⁣

To live in the fucking vortex on the daily.⁣


You must decide that it is done already.⁣

Then you must connect in. Ask. Listen. Trust.⁣

Then do the fucking thing your soul desires.⁣

You must jump when she says jump.⁣

You must zig when she says zig.⁣

Zag when she says zag.⁣

You must do whatever that crazy bitch demands.⁣

And then.⁣

And only then.⁣

Do you get to have it all.⁣

Do you get to transform time and space.⁣

To make the world your bitch.⁣

The Universe your sugar daddy.⁣

Your higher self embodied now.⁣

But. First.⁣

You must decide.⁣

So. My love.⁣

What will it be?⁣

One more day of mediocre. Small. Comfortable.⁣

Or are you ready.⁣

To go all in on the madness of being you.⁣

To do what it takes. As long as it takes. Until it takes.⁣

No. Matter. Fucking. What.⁣

To be unavailable for anything less.⁣

To be unavailable for fear.⁣

To be un-fucking-available for failure.⁣

To live.⁣

To love.⁣

To manifest the fuck out of the life you’re here for.⁣

Right. Fucking. Now.⁣


And I mean everything.⁣

Can change in an instant.⁣

But first.⁣

You must decide.⁣

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.⁣

Xo! Mindy⁣

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Let’s fucking do this!


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