When The Crazy Bitch Says Jump...You Must Always Jump 💕💕⁣

9-4-2020 blog
You must always listen.⁣

To that still small voice inside.⁣

To the thing you already know to be true. The thing you already know to do.⁣

You must decide.⁣

To trust yourself completely.⁣

To back yourself fully.⁣

To come from a place of faith and not fear.⁣

To decide that everything is always working out for you.⁣

That it is always this or something better. Always this or something more.⁣

That when the muse says write.⁣

You must write.⁣

When she says paint.⁣

You must paint.⁣

When she says jump.⁣

You must.⁣


Every. Single. Fucking. Time.⁣


Jump first. Then everything else after.⁣

Do the work of your soul first. Then tend to everyone else.⁣

Love yourself first.⁣

Then love everyone else.⁣

Care for you first.⁣

Then care for everyone else.⁣

Connect into your higher self. Your future rich bitch. The collective consciousness of the Universe.⁣

Ask. Show me what you’d have me be. Show me who you’d have me serve. Show me how you’d have me serve them.⁣

Then do the fucking thing you’re told.⁣

Every time.⁣

Surrender faster.⁣

Go all in faster.⁣

Say yes to God. Source. Soul. Universe. Faster.⁣

Then. And only then.⁣

Does time stand still.⁣

Do miracles happen.⁣

Does your whole life change overnight.⁣


When the bitch says jump. You better fucking jump.⁣

You better follow the nudges. The hunches. The feelings.⁣



Stay the same.⁣

Live the same.⁣

Love the same.⁣

Grow the same.⁣

But who the fuck is here for “same” anyway.⁣

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.⁣

Xo! Mindy⁣

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The time is now.⁣

Grab your spot.⁣

I’ll see you on the other side. 💕



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