What If You Treated Yourself As Well As You Treated Everyone Else 🤷‍♀️

9-25-2020 blog

What if you kept your own promises.⁣

What if you respected your own time.⁣

What if you loved yourself the way you love everyone else.⁣

What if you stopped being available for people who didn’t really see you.⁣

Didn’t really love you.⁣

Didn’t really appreciate you.⁣

Didn’t really respect you.⁣

What if you loved yourself enough to put yourself first.⁣

What if you honored your own time.⁣

What if you kept your own boundaries.⁣

What if you said what you thought. What you felt. What you meant.⁣

Without fear.⁣

Without holding back.⁣

Without wondering what they might think.⁣

What if you loved yourself enough to know that you already are enough.⁣

That you have nothing to prove.⁣

That you don’t have to keep bending yourself around to fit onto the pretty little box they want you to fit in.⁣

What if you really honored the way you felt.⁣

Didn’t hold back.⁣

Didn’t edit.⁣

Didn’t pretend.⁣

What if you truly. Really. Absolutely.⁣

Went all in on the madness of being you.⁣

What if you jumped off the cliff naked.⁣

Every. Single. Day.⁣

What if you truly connected in. Listened. Trusted.⁣

What if you let the answers come up.⁣

Instead of hiding from them.⁣

Instead of pretending like you don’t know what to do next.⁣

Instead of making everything so fucking hard.⁣

Instead of allowing people to treat you like shit because it’s all you think you deserve.⁣

What if you put you first.⁣

And trusted that everything else would work out for you.⁣

That everything is truly working out in your favor.⁣

That it truly is always this or something better. This or something more.⁣

That you truly are a perfect whole and complete child of God.⁣

Perfectly and wonderfully made.⁣

Exactly on purpose and right on time.⁣

Blessed and highly favored.⁣

That you my dear.⁣

Are already enough.⁣

That you my dear have nothing to prove.⁣

That you my dear...⁣

Are fucking amazing.⁣

And that I love you just the way you are.⁣

It’s time to stop trying so hard. It’s time to stop proving yourself. It’s time to stop saying yes when the answer is no.⁣

It’s time to fucking jump.⁣

You ready.⁣

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.⁣

Xo! Mindy⁣

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