I Did A Thing...A Big Scary Fucked Up Feeling Thing

10-8-2020 blog

I did a thing... a BIG SCARY fucked up feeling thing.

And it worked.

Things are changing.

Things are shifting.

Things are moving.

Every day I’m stepping more into the fullness that I’m here to be.

Every day stepping more into alignment.

Every day stepping more into trust.


I did this thing.

This thing I’d been avoiding. This thing I’d been putting off.

This thing that scared the shit out of me.

But I knew it was time.

In fact it was past time.

And I’d been avoiding it.

I’d been out of alignment. And didn’t even realize it.

Fear is a funny thing.

Sometimes you don’t even realize she’s running the show.

Sometimes you don’t even know that crafty bitch is making your decisions for you.

Sometimes you can’t help but believe her lies.

And then one day.

Out of nowhere.

You wake the fuck up.

You look around.

And you think.

What in the actual fuck is going on here.

And then.

You must decide.

To continue to let fear drive the car.

To continue to pretend like you don’t know exactly what to do next.

To put it off.

Or to jump off the cliff naked. Do the thing that scares you.

And trust know and believe.

Everything is always working out in your favor.

And here’s the thing.

You already know.

Deep down inside.

If you take the time to listen.

To connect in.

To believe.

You already know your next step. You already have the next thing. You already are the next you.

It’s time to focus less on all the doing. And start focusing on all the being.

Be her now.

Allow her through now.

Decide as her now.

When the crazy bitch says jump. You must always...

Take a deep breath. Run head on at the thing.

And fucking jump.

Only then will you really know the magic. The miracles. The money. The life.

That’s waiting for you on the other side of fear.

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.

Xo!! Mindy

Ps. Something is coming. Something amazing. Something life changing.

If you feel the call and want to be the first on the list...message me.

You won’t want to miss it.


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