He took off the condom. I took a breath.

10-21-2020 blog

He took off the condom. I took a breath.

And knew...It would NEVER happen again.

You know that knowing.

Deep down inside your soul.

That voice.

That stillness.

That peace.

That part of you that gives zero fucks what anyone else thinks.

That part of you that truly puts you first.

That part of you that keeps her promises.

That part of you.

That has integrity.

That part that knows this is out of alignment.

That you are worthy of so much more.

That this fuckery. And this fuck boy are not moving you closer to becoming her.

To fully embodying her.

To being her now.

That next level version.

The one who already knows.

The one who trusts herself.

The one who fully backs herself.

The one who knows every decision she makes is the right one.

The one who knows it’s time to walk away.

To set the standard.

To stop settling for less.

To stop being one of the bitches he fucked that week.


Because it’s wrong....no.

Because you don’t believe in doing it...no.

Because it was a bad choice...no.

Because today. This time. Right now.

It feels out of integrity.

It’s no longer serving me.

It’s time to move on.

To listen to that voice inside that says we’re done.

That voice inside that says.

You can do better.

That voice inside that says.

It’s just not a good fit.

Because here’s the truth.


Every. Single. Thing. In your life.

Is happening for you.

Not to you.

Every. Single. Thing.

Is moving you closer to the vortex. To your dream life. To the money. The impact. The abundance.

And everyone. Is a teacher.

If they are in front of you. It’s for a reason. A lesson. An experience.

Every choice. Is either creating that vortex or moving you closer to it.

Reminding you to get out of your own way.

Reminding you to let it be easy.

Reminding you to set the standard.

Reminding you.

You’re worth it.

You’re valuable.

You’re enough.

You’re amazing.

You’re a fucking Queen.

And that you do not have to justify your existence. Your self. Your desires. Your decisions. Your life.

To anyone.

That there are no big deals.

Just interesting life choices.

That you can do something and it can be ok. Until one day it isn’t.

And that is when you must walk away. That is when you must hold true to yourself.

That is when you must be in integrity.

That is when you must walk away.

And everything.

And I mean everything. Will change in an instant.

When you can start to truly hear that voice inside of you.

That God within you.

That Source of love and abundance.

When you can hear that. Feel that. Listen to that.

And do what you hear. Relentlessly. With abandon.


Every. Single. Time.

If you can jump. When it says jump. Run. When it says run. Rest. When it says rest.

If you can truly go all in on the maddness of being you.

Truly trust know and believe that EVERYTHING is ALWAYS working out for you.


Even the shit you wish you never did.


Even the shit that was hard.


Even the shit that doesn’t make any damn sense.

Especially that one.

That all of it.

Every single bit of it.

Is working out for you.

That you are enough. That you are worthy. That you are already there.

Already her.

Already arrived.

That you have nothing else to prove. Nowhere else to be. Nothing else to do.

But be you.

And then. When that doesn’t work. And then. When it does.

Be more you.

That’s it. That’s all.

That’s why you’re here.

That’s your only job.

That’s your reason.

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.

Xo!! Mindy


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