I remember not being able to buy them Christmas presents.

I remember not being able to buy them Christmas presents.
Not knowing where the money would come from for food and bills.
Now I can hand them the Amazon catalogue (who even knew that was a thing) and tell them to pick out whatever they want without the fear of it being too expensive. Without the fear of having to say no.
This year we decided to leave behind a lot of things as a family.
One of my six year olds left behind panic attacks and not feeling good.
One of my girls left behind not sleeping well.
My 3 year old left behind feeling like he’s a bad boy and nightmares.
I left behind all the stories and beliefs that are no longer serving me.
When we woke up on New Year’s Day we celebrated what we are bringing into this year.
And I wanted them to feel unlimited abundance.
To say I want this. Whatever it was.
And have the answer be yes.
My daughter of course hacked the system and picked the “one toy” with 8 dolls in it.
To which I started to say no.
Then I remembered.
Abundance is infinite.
If she wants the toy with 8 toys. She gets the toy with 8 toys.
That was the deal.
And you know what.
Her willingness to ask for what she really wanted. Not being afraid of being told no.
Even though it was the biggest thing in the catalogue...
Meant more abundance for everyone.
She raised the standard.
She asked for more.
I let the other two pick more.
$350 later. The order was in.
We patiently waited for the toys to arrive.
They didn’t start doing things to earn the toys.
They didn’t start trying to convince the world they were good enough for the toys.
They didn’t freak out thinking the toys might not be coming.
They put in their order.
They asked for what they wanted.
And they KNEW it was coming.
What if we did the same thing with the dreams and desires we hide away inside.
What if we boldly asked for what we wanted.
Put in the order.
And trusted it was coming.
That there was nothing we had to prove.
That it was on it’s way.
And our job was to just be.
Have fun.
What if you could MANIFEST.
What if it could really be that easy.
I’m here to tell you.
It is.
You can.
You will.
I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.
Xo! Mindy


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