It's time to stop trying so hard to be a fucking chicken.

It's time to stop trying so hard to be a fucking chicken.
Stop trying so hard to be like them. Trying so hard to be basic. Trying so hard to be simple. Trying so hard to be boring.
Stop trying so hard to figure them out. To be a better version of them. To fucking fit in.
Stop trying so hard to make yourself so damn small so that everyone will like you.
NEWSFLASH - They don’t like you. They think you’re fucking weird. They look at you with that side eyed slightly cocked face that says...what the fuck is she talking about.
You know that face. I know you know that face.
The one they make when you get all excited about something and go off on it. The one they make when you accidentally slip out of your pretty little box. The one they make when you...I don’t know...actually show the fuck up as yourself.
Yeah that one.
They make it because they don’t fucking get you. They never did get you. They’re never going to get you. They do not understand you.
And you have spent your whole damn life trying to be just fucking like them.
You have spent your whole life trying to build a business like them. To sell like them. To dress like them.
To be the best fucking one of them.
Here’s the problem darling.
You. Are. Not. One. Of. Them.
You are one of us. The Bad Bitches. The scary ones. The ones they talk shit about when you’re not looking then smile at you with that look as you walk on by.
You’ve done an excellent job becoming the best version of them you can.
Bravo bitch.
But now it’s time to fucking fly. It’s time to spread your wings. Be the fucking eagle God made your ass to be and stop pecking around for scraps with the god damn chickens.
Like right fucking now.
You were not made for the ground. You were made to soar. You were made for fabulous. You were made for next fucking level. In short. You were made for more.
And deep down inside. You fucking know it.
Deep down inside you’re so exhausted. So sick and tired. So burnt out.
Because it’s a whole lot of work to hide your power. Dull your light. Play well with others.
It’s a whole lot of work to be small.
For us that is.
For them. Small is normal. Comfortable. Enjoyable.
For us. It’s torture. Suffering. Death.
Here’s the truth. Struggle is a choice. And it’s time to let that shit go. It’s time to claim your fucking power. It’s time to get your god damn groove back.
It’s time to make fuck tons of money.
Have amazing sex.
Attract bad ass clients who are begging to work with you.
Live the life you’re fucking here to live.
Its time to stop being such a whiney little bitch and really do the thing you’re here to do.
It’s time to stand the fuck up. Push those damn chickens aside. Spread your mother fucking wings.
And fly bitch!
You ready?
I got you.
I'm here for the badass who is ready to learn how to manifest the fuck out of the life she’s here for.
From ease.
From flow.
From grace.
Without all the fucking struggle.
I’m here for you.
Come join us in our Facebook group
and find out what’s waiting for you on the other side.
I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.
Xo! Mindy 🤍🤍


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