It's not about forcing. Convincing. Figuring it out.

Its not about forcing. Convincing. Figuring it out.

It’s about deciding it’s done and living from there.

It’s about trusting the abundance. The money. The love. The clients. The life.

Are already on their way.

That there is nothing you have to do. Nothing you have to prove. Nothing you have to be.

Except yourself.

Just you.

All of you.

Fully you.

From faith.

From flow.

From abundance.

From trust.

It’s about putting in the order.

Deciding it’s already done.

And showing up accordingly.

As her now.

What does she make. What does she do. How does she dress.

It’s about asking is this in alignment with where I’ve been or where I’m going.

Is this in alignment with who I’ve been or who I’m becoming.

Is this is alignment with faith or fear.

It’s about getting into alignment.

Asking for what you want.

Assuming the answer is yes.

Then walking it out as if it is.

Day. After day. After day. After day.

And knowing deep within your soul.

Everything you’ve always desired is already on its way.

It’s not about forcing. Convincing. Figuring it all out.

It’s about trust.


Leaning back.

Taking the aligned actions.

Whatever they may be.

And leaving the rest up to the creative source energy of the universe.

It’s about doing the thing.

Then letting it go.

It’s about trust.

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.

Mindy 🤍🤍


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