Chasing is not the vibe.

Chasing is not the vibe. Cold messaging is not the vibe.

Attracting...Magnetizing...Calling in.

That’s the vibe.

I don’t chase.

I don’t convince.

I don’t beg.

I don’t prove.

I don’t hustle.

I don’t force.

I allow.

I take the aligned actions.

I say what I’m here to say. Do what I’m here to do. Be who I’m here to be.

And I trust.

That the perfect soul aligned bad-asses will find me.

Will resonate with me.

Will message me.

Will work with me.

And they do.

All the time.

It gets to be fun. It gets to be flow. It gets to be easy.

Welcome to being magnetic AF.


What to do.

What to say.

How to be.

So your soul aligned Clients slide into your DMs excited to pay you.

On. The. Regular.

From flow.

From soul.

From magic.

From being more of you.

And trusting it’s always working out.

I see you. I believe in you. And you do not have to do this alone.

Mindy 🤍🤍


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