Hey Badass!

Your beauty.

Your power.

Your message.

Your wounds.

Your story.

Your path.

Are all on purpose.

You are not a mistake.

Your beauty is not a mistake.

Your power is not a mistake.

Your bigness is not a mistake.

You are fucking amazing.

You are gorgeous.

You are powerful.

You are next fucking level.

You are the goddess. The Badass. The boss. The muse.

You are the shift.

Open your mouth. Let it all come out. Come out of the shadows. Out of the safety. Out of the prison.

Unleash your madness. Your message. Your power.

All. Of. You.

Only then will they see you. The ones you’re truly here for.

Only then will they know you’re their person.

Only then will they know you’re their coach.

Only then will they know you’re the one they’ve been waiting for.

That thing you’ve been afraid to say.

That thing that makes you feel too much.

That is exactly what she needs to hear.

To know that with you. She is safe. That with you she is seen. That with you she can fly.

Welcome to owning the fuck out of who you are. What you’re here to do. The impact you’re here to have. The money you’re here to make.

Welcome to The Shift.

I see you. I believe in you. I love you so damn much.



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