I used to HATE Valentine's Day.

I used to HATE Valentine’s Day.

I remember the way it felt to be alone. To look around at my life wondering if I would ever be loved.

If anyone would ever love me the way I loved them.

If I’d ever feel important.

I remember the first year after I got engaged and him telling me in the shower that he forgot it was Valentine’s Day.

I thought he was kidding. I laughed.

He wasn’t.

What happened. He just didn’t remember.

What I heard.

You don’t matter. You’re not important. Valentine’s Day is not important. Our love is not important.

And I decided in that moment to protect my heart. Just as I had done so many times before.

To lock my feelings away. To laugh it off.

No big deal I said.

While a little part of me quietly died.

I remember the feeling of my first Valentine’s Day 11 years later as a single mom.


Living the life I swore I’d never live.

Throwing myself into my business. Avoiding the feelings at all cost.

I remember going into February this year filled with sadness. Loneliness. Pain.

Valentine’s Day. My twins birthday. My birthday.

A time of so much celebration. Met with so much sadness.

And I remember changing my mind.

Deciding this will be the most amazing February I’ve ever had.

I booked a luxury weekend away at the lake for my girls birthday next weekend.

I booked my favorite photographer and a gorgeous penthouse for my 40th birthday weekend photoshoot.

I celebrated all the love I have for my babies today.

And now.

As I write this.

I’m sitting in a bubble bath. Filled with rose and frankincense oils...fresh rose petals...a candle and hot cocoa.

Celebrating myself. All I’ve done. Who I am. Who I’ve become.

And it is amazing.

We get to decide what story to tell.

We get to decide what life to live.

We get to decide it gets to be easy.

We get to decide to have it all.

We get to choose love. No matter what.

So tonight. Know that I love you. That you matter to me. That you make a difference.

Know that your life is meaningful. That your message is powerful.

That you’re changing the world.

Know that everything can change in an instant.

Know that everything is always working out for you.

That everything is always adding up in your favor.

Know that you have a people assigned to your life. A message to share. A reason for being here.

Know that you can unleash your inner Badass and make fuck tons of money doing what you love.

Know that there is another way.

Happy Valentine’s Day gorgeous!

I see you. I believe in you. And I love you so fucking much!

Xo!! Mindy 


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