I'm not here for likes.

I’m not here for likes. I’m not here for comments. I’m not here for fans.

I’m here for deep. Soul connected. Change the fucking world.


I don’t want you to think...Mindy. Yeah. She’s ok.

I want you to say.

Mindy...I love that Bitch.

Or even that you can’t stand me.

But I’m not here for meh...

My whole life people have loved me or couldn’t stand me.

There was no middle of the road. Vanilla. Mediocre.

I spent years trying to be liked. Trying to be good enough. Trying to do it all right.

Fuck. All. Of. That.

I'm not here to get you to like me.

I don’t post so you will “like” my shit.

I’m here to say the things no one else is willing to say.

Live the life no one else is willing to live.

Change the lives no one else is willing to change.

I’m here to go all the way in on the work I’m here to do.

I’m here to bust through the fucking ceiling.

I’m here to take you from good to great.

I’m here to change the fucking world.

And I’m ok with whatever you think.

As long as you fucking move.

As long as something inside of you shifts.

As long as you feel something.

So...like the post or don’t.

Talk shit about me...or don’t.

Love me...or don’t.

As long as you move. You shift. You go.

That’s what I’m here for.

The rest. My love. Is up to you.

I see you. I believe in you. I love you so fucking much.

Xo!! Mindy



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