Do the f#cking thing...

Your job is to share the message. The rest is none of your damn business.

The reason it feels so hard.

The reason you don’t post.

The reason you put it off.

The reason you feel like you’re ALWAYS working...but not getting the sales you want.

Is because you’re trying to say the right thing so that they will buy.

You’re trying to figure out exactly what to say and how to say it.

You’re thinking about it all fucking day.

Avoiding it because it feels so hard.

When the truth is...

It gets to be so fucking easy.

The message is already inside. You already know what to say. You are the fucking point.

That thing.

The one you keep inside.

Because it’s too much.

Because they may not like you.

Because they may not get it.

That thing.

Yeah. That thing is EXACTLY what you’re here to say.

While you’re over there playing small. Avoiding your message.

The people who are actually here to work with you don’t even know you exist.

Say the fucking thing.

The thing you know you’re here to say.

The message buried deep inside of you.

Let them know who you REALLY are. What you’re REALLY here for.

The world doesn’t need some watered down. Safe. Vanilla version of you.

They need the whole. Big. Beautiful. Bold. Loud AF. Audacious version of you.

The one who’s dying to be unleashed.

The one who will die if she isn’t.


Is how you become MAGNETIC.

Are you ready?


Pre-work had dropped. Lives are changing.

Will you be one of them.

PM to join. I cannot wait to do this work with you.

I see you. I believe in you. I love you so fucking much.

Xo! Mindy


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