I just signed a $52,000 lease!


Today I signed a $52,000 lease!

2.5 years ago I had nothing. 2.5 years ago I packed my babies in a mini van with diapers and a dollhouse and left the life I spent 10 years building.

2.5 years ago I made a decision. I knew my next step.

And I moved. Immediately.

I didn’t wait. I didn’t ask. I didn’t let fear tell me to stay.

When I knew. Deep in my soul. It was time to leave.

I left.

This is how I move. This is how I invest. This is how I live.

I ask. I listen. I trust myself. And I move.

Immediately. Before I’m ready. Even when it doesn’t make any sense.

When I know. Deep in my soul. What my next step is.

I take it.

When I go first. The Universe ALWAYS follows.

I don’t say things like...When I have the money. When it feels safe. When it makes sense.

I know in my soul. I take a deep breath.

And I fucking jump.

2 years ago I invested $997 in a program when I didn’t have the money.

90 days later I was making $10,000/month.

3 months ago I invested $1,555.

I made $28,000 in 30 days.

This quarter I’ve invested $29,000 in coaching...masterminds...and programs.

I’ve made over $50,000 cash in 90 days. I’ve made $80,000 in sales.

And each time the investment felt completely insane.

But I knew in my soul.

So I jumped.

Today felt the same way. Signing the lease for 3 years...a total of $52,000.

Doesn’t make any sense.

I can work from home.

I don’t “need” an office.

I’m not enough...you know the drill.

But today. Just like all the times before.

I know. I trust. I move.

And the results ALWAYS follow. The money ALWAYS comes.

This is who I’m here to work with. The woman who asks for what she wants. Assumes the answer is yes. And moves.

The one who goes first.

The one who trusts. The one who jumps. The one who’s ready to fly.

It’s time. You know what to do. Let’s go.

xo! Mindy


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