They called me The Closer...

They called me The Closer.

Sales used to mean manipulation.

Saying the right things. Asking the right questions. Leading the conversation.

It used to mean convincing. Objection handling. Finding the why that made them cry.

It used to mean saying whatever it took to get them to buy.

It used to mean tracking numbers. Converting leads.

Being a fcking machine.

And I was so good at it.

And. It made me want to die.

The pit in my stomach. The win. The handled the objections. The lives I was convinced I’d changed.

It wasn’t worth it anymore.

I had invested over $100,000 and 8 years of my life to learn to sell like this.

To connect with people. Find their strengths...interests...goals...and needs.

So that I could use it against them.

To act like I really cared.

All to convert a lead.

All to get the sale.

The problem was.

I did care. The people did matter. The lives did matter. And the way I was doing it felt disgusting.

So...I made a decision.

That I would no longer lead generate. Cold call. Cold message. Read a fcking script.

That I would show up. Authentically. All in on the message I was here to share.

That I would give my people so much value. That they would truly matter. That the people in my world would never feel like...

Just. Another. Number.

I decided to focus on the power of one. One person. One life changed. One family transformed.

One relationship at a time.

That I would truly love and serve every person God put into my life.

That I would do the work of my soul. The work I’m here to do.

That I would let it be easy.

That I would let go of the hustle. The struggle. The stress. The overwhelm.

That I would make offers and allow the people who felt led to come to me.

And it changed everything.

I could look people in the eye again. I could trust my motives. I could let people be safe in my world.

Whether they were there for the free stuff. The low cost offers or the high level containers.

They were safe. To be. To learn. To grow.

And that I could trust that the right people would always come. That they would find me.

That their lives would change. That my life would change.

That we would make more money than we ever thought possible.


That we would co-labor. Collaborate. Co-create.

And it would be amazing.

This is the work I’m here to do.

To unlock the thing buried deep inside. To bust though the glass ceiling. To walk alongside as you step fully into your power.

To create the most amazing containers for women to learn. To grow. To integrate. To embody. To move.

It gets to be so easy. We get to make so much fcking money. We get to change the world.

You ready.

Join me in Rebel Sales Queen.

21 days to breaking all the fcking rules.

21 days to getting clear on the work you’re here to do. The next fcking level.

21 days to creating a sales system that works for you. From flow. From alignment. From Source.

21 days to letting it be so fcking easy.

21 days to making money every single day in your business...without all the stress and bullshit.

21 days to more money. More Clients. More freedom...NOW.

We start on 4/23. The investment is $2,222 or $222/week.

Message me if you’re in or with any questions....there will be no convincing. No sales calls. No pressure.

Either your soul desires this next step...or not. Either you’re in...or your not. Either it’s a yes....or it’s not.

And either way.

It’s ok.

I see you. I believe in you. I love you so damn much.

Xo!! Mindy


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