I just crossed $70,000 CASH for the year...


I just crossed $70,000 CASH for the year!!!

$2,300 for the day. $7,500 for the week. $18,000 for the month.

Working less. Being more.

Doing what I love.

Every. Single. Day.

Connecting to source. Trusting myself. Allowing it to be easy.

2.5 years ago I made $2,300/month at my job.

2 years ago I made $7,500/month in my business.

And now...

This is collapsing time. This is the magic.

This is letting it be so fcking easy.

It may not always feel like it’s working. It may not always feel like they are watching. It may not always feel like the breakthrough is coming.

But it is.

Trust yourself. Trust the process. Celebrate the steps along the way.

And know that no matter what. I believe in you. And you’ve got this!

Thank you so much Melanie Ann Layer and all the beautiful Badasses in The Hypermind for reminding me to celebrate every step of the way. I love you!!

Xo!! Mindy


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