Holy fcking sh*t! I did it!!


Holy fcking shit! I did it!!

I tapped into the frequency of overflow.

I just did the math. And not only did I finish the month over $21,000 in CASH received and even more than that in sales.

I have over $10,000 of it left!

Now hear me on this.

I always have enough. I always have what I want and what I need.

I always buy whatever I want. And always make enough for all of it.

But this month I made a decision.

I was ready for more.

I was ready to buy all the things I want. Have all the experiences. Do all the things.

And still have a shit ton left over at the end of the month.

Like I just set the intention in the last 30 days. And INSTANTLY it happened!!

This is the power of intention. This is the magic of a decision.

This is collapsing time.

$10,000 overflow in the bank.


Renting a new bougie ass luxury office space.

Paying all of my household bills...including $3,200 in rent for my penthouse.

Going to the spa multiple times a week.

Getting my hair done.

Getting my nails done every two weeks.

Having a staycation at a luxury downtown air B and B.

Investing $7,777/month in The Hypermind with Melanie Ann Layer.

Buying a $2,500 black velvet sofa for my new fancy ass office.

Paying for my kids private school.

Paying my amazing nanny’s salary.

Paying my badass assistant.

Basically doing whatever the fck I wanted with my money.

And almost half of it was left at the end of the month.

That shit is magic. That shit is abundance. That shit is overflow.

I’m so grateful for Melanie and Cassie Howard for coaching me through this and helping me make the shift.

This is only the beginning. And I’m so fcking here for it!

I love you so much. You truly do get to have it all.

If you decide. Take the inspired actions and do the fcking thing.

April kicked ass. Here’s to the best May ever!!

Xo! Mindy


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