It's not always easy.


Being a single mom is not always easy.

Running an empire that’s changing the world every day is not always easy.

Feeling the things that come up every day is not always easy.

It means holding a lot at the same time.

A lot of joy. A lot of pain. A lot of laughter. A lot of growth.

At the same time.

It means sleepless nights.

Tired mornings.

Lots of emotions.

And in all of that.

I choose to find the ease. The peace. The flow.

I choose to trust myself.

To let go of the constant flow of voices in my head.

Telling me it’s too much. I’m not enough. I can’t do it.

I choose to spend my time doing the things I love and outsourcing the rest.

I choose to live in a space that inspires me.

I choose to create a life that I love.

I choose. In the middle of all the madness. All the work. All the people. All the things.

To focus on what’s working. What’s going well. What I want to do. What I want to be. What I want to have.

I choose to let it be easy.

I choose to let the fear come up. Tell me all the things. To hear what she has to say.

And to remind her that I’ve got this. That it doesn’t have to be so fcking hard. That it’s actually going to be ok.

And then I move.

I connect in.

I listen.

I trust.

And I decide that it’s all working out in my favor.

No matter what.

I can’t control the world around me. I can’t control the people in my life. I can’t control whether or not my babies sleep at much as I might want to.

But I can control how I respond. I can control who I give my power to.

I can control where my energy goes.

So today. I choose peace. I choose joy. I choose abundance.

Today. I let it be so fcking easy.

I love you. I believe in you. You’re not alone. And you can have it all.

When you decide.

Xo!! Mindy


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