So fcking much to celebrate today!!


So fcking much to celebrate today!!

$1,111 cash received in 5 minutes.

Over $7,000 cash received in just over 24 hours.

74 Badasses in Rebel Money Queen.

7 Badasses jumping into SCALE in 24 hours...16 epic women total.

My current nanny on-boarding my new nanny while I napped.

A donut party with my kids to celebrate all the abundance and this life with so much to be grateful for.

Holding all of the fckery that came up this past week. The emotions. The overwhelm. The defaulted payments. The fear. And trusting that it’s always working out for me.

Downloading the most amazing Master Class I’ve ever done...and we still have one day left.

Laying in bed at 7pm while my kids are in bed. Being able to be fully present with them from 5 - 7 while my nanny made dinner. Cleaned and prepped snacks for the next 3 days and swept and mopped my floor.

Living a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Our free FB community #LikeAFuckingBoss growing to 1,000 amazing bad Btches.

Finding two pennies under my purse at the office...yes I celebrate those too.

I’m so grateful to get to ride in this energy. To soak it all in. To live in this gratitude.

I’m so grateful for my amazing Clients who are changing the fcking world.

I am so grateful for my mentor Melanie Ann Layer and the beautiful badasses in the Hypermind who I get to do life with.

I am so grateful for my beautiful babies and all the support we have.

I am so grateful for this business that allows me the freedom to live and move from flow every single day.

I am so grateful for you...thank you for being a part of this journey.

I love you.

Xo! Mindy


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