Your next level is waiting...are you ready?


My Muse is up early...My next level is waiting.

On the other side of waking up at 5am.

On the other side of diligence.

On the other side of precision.

My next level is waiting for me.

I’ve know where she was this whole time.

Yet I fight her.

I make decisions that keep her away.

I stay up late...even when I don’t have to.

I sleep in...even when I don’t really want to.

I tell myself stories.

That I don’t have the time. That it’s too early. That I can sleep as late as I want.

And I can.

And I can continue to calibrate to the same results.

The problem is I want more. I want bigger. I want it ALL.

And I know where she is.

She’s always been there. Guiding me. Showing me the way. Giving me the path.

But to be honest...I’ve been scared.

Of who I would be. What I would have. What they would say.

If I really went all in.

If I really followed my soul.

If I really found out what was on the other side of fear.

What if they find out I’m not good enough.

What if I can’t hold it all.

What if I really am too much.

What if I get what I’ve always wanted...and then it’s taken away.

So as I sit here. Feeling this power flow through me. My soul gently knocking. Reminding me.

That my creativity lives in the early morning.

That my abundance is rooted in my routine.

That my freedom is resting in my diligence.

I get to decide.

To continue to fight what I already know.

To fight going to bed “early”.

To fight getting up before the kids.

To fight being who I know I’m here to be.

Or to allow it to be easy.

To allow it to be fun.

To allow the abundance to flow through my veins.

To choose to follow what I already know.

The truth is I say I’ve been looking. But I’ve always known where to find her.

My muse is up early. Waiting for me.

Now I get to decide to meet her before she decides to knock somewhere else.




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