He saw into my soul. And I let him.


He found his way in. He saw my soul. Saw all of me. And I let him.

Last night I went on the best date of my life.

He showed up early. He brought a bouquet of all my favorite flowers.

He opened my doors. Held my hand. Made space for me to breathe and held me close when I was ready.

He paied attention. He led. He felt so safe.

He’s everything I asked for...everything my soul desired...and until a week ago I wasn’t ready.

A week ago I was an energetic match for the bad boys. The fck boys. The dangerous ones.

See I used to lead with my body. Never let them have all of me. Never let them see behind the curtain. Never let them get too close.

But then something happened.

He found his way in. He saw my soul. And I let him.

I didn’t push him away. I didn’t put up a wall.

A week ago. I wasn’t ready. 4 days ago. I wasn’t open.

And then something happened. I shifted. I allowed. I received.

I started deeply loving myself. Focusing on my body. My sleep. My food. My energy.

I started taking care of me.

I filled the void I had felt all those nights. Sitting alone. After the kids went to bed.

The longing I had to be held. Longing for someone to see my beauty. My boldness. My vulnerability. And be able to hold all of it.

But this time instead of filling with a man. I filled it with me.

I snuggled with myself on the couch. I watched movies. I drank tea. I enjoyed the sunset on my patio.

I did the things I thought I needed a man to do. I felt things I thought I needed a man to feel.

And suddenly. I was ready.

To let him see all of me. To want all of me. To feel all of me.

And there he was. Well the truth is he’d been there for weeks.

But I wasn’t ready. Until I was.

I allowed myself to receive. To be held. To be seen.

Now. As you know...my receiving game is strong. The Universe is my sugar daddy. I get to be held and ask for what I want.

I do the work and let the work hold me. I let the systems hold me. I let the message hold me.

I am an energetic match for my soul mate Clients. For the ones who see all of me.

But they only come when I’m ready. When I’m a match. When I allow.

When I truly embody the result. The ease. The flow. The joy. The abundance.

When I truly allow myself to have it all. To do it all. To be it all.

I go first.

They follow.

There are people waiting for all of us. Not just the safe parts. But all of it.

The Universe is ready to give us everything we’ve always desired.

The business. The life. The fire.

When we decide. To open up. To let it in. To fully receive.

And when we do. It changes fcking everything.


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