Instant Money Magic [Expires at 5pm PST]

I know I know...Instant Money Magic sounds like some sort of weird woo shit where money magically falls from the sky. 

Well...actually. It kind of is. 

I remember when I first started talking about manifestation. 

It felt so weird to even use the word. But the truth is. That is exactly what I had been doing. 

I have manifested cars. Trips. Homes. Men. Nannies. Jobs. Opportunities. Clients. Money...fck tons of money. 

Now I don’t mean the laying around masturbating on the couch hoping the money will magically show up type manifestation.

Although there is something to that. 

I mean getting into alignment. Connecting to God/Spirit/Source/Soul. Whatever the fck you want to call it. 

And then doing the fcking thing. 

I mean the combination of strategy. Mindset. And yes. A little magic. 

I mean learning how to manipulate energy. How to get in the flow. 

How to manifest fck tons of money FAST. 

I mean doing the things no one else will do. To live a life no one else will live. 

I mean having the balls to ask for what you want ALWAYS. 

Without hesitation. Without apology. Without excuses for why it can’t happen. For why you can’t have it.

I mean asking for what you want. Assuming the answer is yes. And walking it out as if it is already. 

Every. Single. Day. 

I mean doing the un-sexy work. The deep work. The inner work. 

That changes fcking everything. 

I mean getting to have. Do. And be it fcking all. 

I mean letting it be so fcking easy. 

I mean being grateful for all the abundance. The beauty. The magic in your life. 

I mean going all in on everything you’re here for. 

This is Instant Money Magic. This is manifestation. This changes EVERYTHING. 

This is not your mamas manifestation course. This isn’t a book that teaches you how to manifest $1,000 in a month. 

This is big manifestation. Big money. Big changes. FAST. 

This is getting to have it fcking all...right fcking NOW!

We start in July. It will change your whole damn life. It will be $1,111 to be a part of this container

Until 5pm TONIGHT. It’s ONLY $111. 

You already know if it’s for you. Your soul is screaming YES. 

You’re ready for the systems. The tools. The strategies to letting it be so fcking easy. 

You’re ready to manifest fck tons of money fast. 

Your ready to do the un-sexy work. 

You’re ready to go all in. 

And you know a fck yes offer when you see one. 

Click HERE to grab your spot. 

Let’s go change the fcking world. 

I love you! 

Xo! Mindy



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