Meditation makes me money. 💫💫


Whenever my Clients are going through it. When they are holding the energetic flip side to their success.

When they are leaning into their power. Feeling like it’s never going to end.

Feeling like it’s all too much.

I always ask.

How’s your meditation. How’s your morning routine. How’s your connection.

And 90% of the time the answer is...well.

I’ve been so busy. I have so much going on. The kids get up so early. I’m running out of time.

And the truth is. I so get it.

My daily meditation practice seems to the first thing to go when I feel like everything is too much.

This is why I know to ask.

Because we are a mirror.

The Clients we call into our lives are a mirror for us and we are a mirror for them.

As my mentor Melanie says...we are an energetic match.

So. I get it.


For me. The freedom. The time. The money. The impact. The peace.

Is in the meditation. The silence. The space.


It is a daily practice. A discipline. A commitment.

It means getting up every day and putting God/Source/Soul first. Before anything else.


Because from that place everything else just flows.

It’s the difference between showing up to work in a broken down truck with slow equipment...busting your ass all day to get everything done.


Driving a precision automobile. Having the best of the best. Being in top energetic condition. Showing up. Pressing a button. Watching the work do the work.

And dropping the mic on your way out the door.

This is what daily meditation does does for me.

It is the best investment I’ve ever made. It’s 15 minutes that gives me a 23 hour and 45 minute return.

It’s peace. It’s flow. It’s letting it be so fcking easy.

It’s inspired ideas. It’s faith. It’s abundance.

It’s trust.

It’s believing that even if I’m “running late”. Even if I’ve “slept in”. Even if I’m “too far behind.”

I will still get more done. Still be more efficient. Still be more impactful.

When I take the time to slow down.

So next time you’re feeling like you just can’t hold it all. Like you just can’t fit it all in. Like there just isn’t enough time.

Instead of speeding up. I invite you to slow down. To pause. To meditate. To let God in.

And see what happens next.

I love you so damn much!

Xo! Mindy


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