The thing that’s stopping you…


The thing that’s standing in the way…and what to fcking do about it.

Sit your ass in the chair.

This is one of the most important things I teach my Clients.

It’s about leaning in. It’s about doing the work. It’s about allowing the space.

It’s about trust.

It’s about jumping off the cliff.

Every. Single. Day.

It’s about no longer being available for our excuses.

It’s about doing the thing we’re here to do always. It’s about trusting it’s all working out in our favor.

It’s about fully committing to the message.

Because the truth is…

The reason we don’t have that next level receiving…next level Clients…next level abundance.

Is because. Deep down. On some level.

Buried away inside.

We don’t really want it.

I know. I know.

You’re thinking. Of course I want it. Why wouldn’t I. That’s why I’m here.

But do you. Like really. Want it.

Or is there a part of you that’s being served by staying small. By playing at this level.

By creating all the distractions. By avoiding the work.

That piece of you that says. I didn’t have time. I couldn’t do it. It didn’t make sense.

I don’t know what to do next.

That piece of you that knows the next step. But won’t take it.

That piece of you that still believes on some level. It can’t really happen.

That piece of you standing in the way.

It’s time for her die. I mean we love her. She got us here. She’s amazing. We’re super grateful.

And…now that Btch has got to go.

It’s time to get really honest. About that thing inside that says we’re good here.

That part that says this is enough.

The part that’s comfortable. Giving up. Settling. Selling yourself short.

It’s time to let that piece of you speak. To get really clear. To get to know her.

And then let her the fck go.

Write it down. Give the space. Allow it to come through.

Be sick of your excuses. The things that keep you stuck.

Be willing to do the scary things. To take the next step. To do the work no one else will do so you can live the life no one else will live.

To sit your ass in the chair.


To trust the answer is always there. To go all in. To do the work. To believe the work is working.

To make the space. To radically accept.

To lean into the fear.

To move. To clear. To receive.

I promise. Your next level is on the other side. Waiting.

Waiting for you to let go. Waiting for you to make space. Waiting for you to believe. Waiting for you to leap.

She’s ready to fcking fly…are you?

xo!  Mindy


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