Holy fcking shit! 🤯🤯


3 years ago we were homeless. This week we crossed 6 figures in cash for the year.

Today has already been a $5,517 day.

While feeling all the things. Crying on the couch. Allowing the pain to wash over me.

$5,517 cash on my day off.

The day I allow myself to rest. To recharge. To just be.

While going to the bakery and buying $50 worth of bread and cheese.

Because I feel like it.

While celebrating the gratitude for this amazing life I get to live.

Feeling so deep into what it was like just 3 years ago. Walking away from my marriage. Not having a home for my babies. Not knowing how we would pay for groceries.

Now having the luxury to buy whatever we want. Whenever we want.

And. At the same time. Allowing the sadness in my body. Allowing it to process.

Feeling. All. The things.

3 years ago we were homeless. This week we crossed 6 figures in cash for the year.

It’s not about feeling good all the time. It’s not about avoiding the feelings. It’s not about acting better than we feel.

It’s about going deep. All the way in. And coming out on the other side.

It’s about allowing the feelings to come and not having to figure out why.

It’s about truth. Honesty. Authenticity. Faith.

It’s about doing the deep soul work that shifts us. It’s about healing generational wounds. It’s about freedom.

It’s about the good. The bad. The ugly.

It’s about holding it all.

Remember today. That anything is possible. Anything can change. Anything can happen.

Remember today that no matter what’s going on around you. No matter the circumstances. No matter how you feel.

You are not alone. You can hold it all. Your story is being written and it’s going to change the world.

I see you. I believe in you. And I love you so damn much!

Xo! Mindy 


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