Holy Sh*t! $12,000 CASH in 5 Days!!


Holy sh*t we did $12,000 CASH in 5 days!! 💸💦

And I took the whole weekend off. Here’s how…

I said YES. I listened. I trusted.

I got into alignment. I asked for wanted I wanted. Assumes the answer was yes.

And then I moved.

I didn’t try to figure it out. Make it work. Do more.

I didn’t sell more when it looked like it wasn’t working. I didn’t push more when the money wasn’t coming in.

I connected to the woman who already had it. The one who already knew what to do. The one who’s already there.

I showed up as her every day.

I said yes to my soul. Yes to my desires. Yes to living the life of my dreams. Yes to having it fcking all.

Even when it didn’t look like it was working.

I knew the money was always on it’s way.

I didn’t let fear drive the car.

I knew the money was always there.

Even with deep sadness and emotions running through my veins. I trusted.

Even with sleepless nights and a baby who needed all of me. I trusted.

Even when I had to fire our new nanny and my assistant gave notice. I trusted.

Even when the money didn’t look like it was coming. I trusted.

I asked for what I wanted. I assumed the answer was yes…always. And then I walked it out as if it was already.

Because the truth is. It is.

The money is always there. The abundance is always there. The frequency is always there.

It’s our job to simply tap in.

Welcome to YES. The Frequency of Abundance. A FREE 3 Day LIVE Masterclass Event.

This is about saying yes to soul. It is about tapping into the frequency of abundance. It’s about trust.

It’s about being her already and turning on the the fcking money hose.

It’s about rapid manifestation. Rapid money magic. It’s about making it fcking rain.

This event will change your life. This frequency will shift things forever. We will never be the same.

Join us live for FREE.

Once the event is completed it will be re-packaged and sold as an evergreen product.

This is a channeled event. This is next level abundance. This is tapping into the frequency.

This is having it fcking all. And then having even more.

This is about faith. This is about walking in abundance. This is about truth.

This is the next next step.

Are you ready?

xo! Mindy


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