On Goddes Days, I receive.


On Goddess Days I receive.

I don’t force things to happen. I give myself space to feel. To allow. To be.

To breathe.

On Goddess Days I am free.

To do what I want. To feel how I want. To eat what I want. To be who I want.

To tap in. To listen. To flow.

I do the inner work. I sit with the fear. I let her speak.

I play with the energy of more please.

Not doing more. Not making more. Not working more.

Being more. Allowing more. Receiving more.

I play in the frequency of yes. I live in vibes of abundance.

I dance in the rain.

I trust it’s always working out for me. I trust it’s on it’s way. I trust it’s here already.

I drink in the beauty of the world around me.

I rest. I allow. I play.

And it’s fcking magical.

The Goddess reminds me who I am here to be. She is the muse waiting for me to answer. She gives me the space I need to breathe.

And it is from here. I create.

This is the frequency. This is the portal. This is the work.

This is the magic. You ready.

Let’s play. 💦💦

xo! Mindy


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