How did this even happen...


I didn’t sign up for this.

This is not the life I wanted.

I used to think this was the truth.

But the truth is. The life I’m here for. The work I’m here for. The people I’m here for.

Are exactly the ones I tried to avoid.

I had two big goals in life.

Be a millionaire. And NEVER be a single mom in Spokane on welfare with two girls and a boy.


Here we are.

3 years into the life I swore I’d never live.

3 years after leaving it all. Being homeless. Feeling like a failure.

3 years into this magical life. So much abundance. So much love. So much impact. So much joy.


Well. One.

We get what we focus on.

And Two.

Because this is who I’m here to be.

Everything in my life happens for me. For them. For us.

And this is no exception.

The more I lean in. The more I accept. The more I appreciate this life.

The more we grow. The more we live. The more we fly.

I came here. During this time. Into this body. For this experience.

For a reason.

And these babies are a huge part of it.

I came here to cultivate these magical children.

The ones that most people may not understand.

The ones who are here to do big things.

The ones with big emotions. Big powers. Big magic.

I’m here for them. And they are here for me.

Our children are our greatest teachers.

Whether you believe they chose us. We chose them. Or God happened to put us here together.

We have a job to do.

And we are exactly on time to do it.

Welcome to cultivating the magical child.

Welcome to holding it all.

Welcome to the next fcking level.

You’re not alone. You cannot fck it up.

And together. We’re going to change the world.

You’ve got this mama. And I fcking love you! 

xo! Mindy


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