On what's going on with the collective.


Surrender to the fire. Surrender to the flame.

There is a shift in the collective. A death. A preparing. A burning to the ground.

A Phoenix rising from the ashes. Emerging from the flame.

As we move towards the Lion’s Gate Portal timelines are shifting. Codes are unlocking. Realities are changing.

It’s like a shaking apart and the physical can feel impossible to contain.

I promise this doesn’t last forever and the quickest way out is through.

It’s in the surrender. The radical acceptance. The gentle curiosity.

Like huh. How interesting what’s coming up right now.

Simply an observation.

Without a need to control. To fix. To figure it all out.

The sooner we surrender to the fire. The sooner we allow the flame.

The sooner we are reborn.

It’s intense. It’s real. It won’t last forever.

Just know that I am here.

Standing with you. Walking with you.

As we awaken. As we emerge. As we fly. 🔥

xo! Mindy

📷 Von Wong


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