The biggest month yet…🔥


I’m coming into August with a new sense of gratitude.

A renewed sense of receiving. A deeper sense of ease.

July was a wild ride.

From the loss of a loved one. Weeks feeling unaligned to sell anything. Multiple collaborations and processing through sisterhood sounds. To magical moments with my babies.

She was a month of transformation. Releasing. Walking through the fire.

She was a month of surrender.

A month of breaking cycles that no longer served me.

A month of trusting that money can come independent of a launch.

A month of not proving myself to anyone.

As I walk into August there is more money in my savings and wealth accounts than ever before.

All of my expenses are covered for the month and then some.

I’ve had one of my highest cash months to date. Some of the most painful and lonely days of my life.

And I feel more free. More connected. More peace than ever before.

As we walk together into this new month.


We’ve got this. The shift does not always feel easy. The fire does not always feel fun.

The pain does not always feel like it’s for us.

But when we lean in. When we surrender. When we breathe.

It’s here that we can fly.

I love you…and I’m here.

xo! Mindy


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