The ascension symptoms are REAL.


The ascension symptoms are REAL.

Everything you’re feeling in your body. The things that don’t make sense.

The visions you’re having. The powers you’re unlocking. The voices you’re hearing.

The deep knowing.

It’s. All. Fcking. REAL.

It’s all happening. Stronger than ever before. A new earth is emerging. A new timeline is developing.

A new magic is coming.

She’s deep. She’s dark. She’s powerful.

She’s scary as FCK.

The answer.

Lean into the fear. Lean into the darkness. Lean into the pain.

Allow the fire to burn.

Embrace it. Accept it. Surrender to it.

This is the way through. This is the magic. This is the light on the other side.

This is the work we’re here to do. The field we’re here to play in. The gifts were here to unlock.

This is the next level.

You’re not alone.

You’ve been told you’re crazy. Making things up. To damn much.

You’ve been told it’s not real. Not possible. Not true.

Been searching for answers.

But your body always knows. Deep within your soul.

She’s always known.

We just forget to ask. The one within us. The one who’s done it. The one who’s made it through.

How we get there.

Lean on her. Lean on your truth. Trust your body. Trust your knowing. Trust your SELF.

She’s always with you. You’re never alone. And the truth is always here. Buried under the rubble. Burning in the darkness.

It’s time to set her free.

xo! Mindy


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