Unleash the dragon inside...


My Clients come to me when they are ready to walk through the fire. When they are ready to let it burn.

When they are ready to be set free.

To unlock the dragon inside. To unleash their next level.

To walk through the flames.

This is where our work begins.

They have done all things. Taken all the courses. Learned all the systems.

They have the money. The power. The impact.

And they are ready for more.

They are ready to embrace the fire. Contain the flame.

To burn. To walk. To breathe.

To allow the dragon inside.

When we continue to fight her. To ignore her. To contain her. She will burn it all to the ground.

But if we give her the space to fly. Where she is safe to just be. To say what she’s here to say. To feel what she’s here to feel.

To finally be heard.

Then we can move through this new paradigm with ease.

Here we have been awakened. Here the dragon sleeping within can be seen.

To fly. To yell. To scream.

Here the rage will lift. The fire will settle.

This is where we begin to process of refining the life we desire without destroying it.

Without burning it all to the ground.

This is where we set the standards and the boundaries for this new world.

This is where we have the conversations we don’t want to have.

This is where we walk through the fire with beauty and grace.

Breathing in the power. Allowing it to burn.

To fuel us. To expand us. To refine us.

This is where we allow her to speak.

I’m ready for you. Let’s FLY. 🔥

xo! Mindy


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