The big risk...


Sometimes being unchained means the ability to soften. To allow. To let someone in.

Sometimes the bold move is to stop fighting. To breathe. To trust.

Sometimes the next level is to stop trying to do it all alone.

Sometimes the power is in the leaning back.

The bravery in being vulnerable. Trusting the process. Not having to figure it all out.

Sometimes we have to decide.

To do things the way we’ve always done. Or to shift. To be scared. To go all in.

To allow a new experience regardless of the outcome. To get excited. To risk disappointment.

To let our guard down.

Sometimes we get hurt. Sometimes we learn. Sometimes our hearts get broken.

And sometimes we don’t.

So today…what we if jump in with both feet. Take the risk. Open our hearts. Allow ourselves to truly love.

What if today we go all in and trust that no matter what…we’ve got this and it’s all going to be ok. 

xo! Mindy


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