Here's the thing with manifestation...


Here’s the thing with manifestation…

What we want. Wants us back. What we desire to have in our lives desires to be there. What we dream of dreams of us.

When we put it in the portal. When we ask for what we want. When we decide it’s done already and move from there it can’t help but come to us.

It wants us as badly as we want it.

The problem is…

We get in our own way.

We set the intention. We thank the Universe. We get into alignment.

And then.

We forget. Forget it’s already done. Forget it’s on its way. Forget we are an energetic match. Forget to believe.


Because of the timeline. The attachment. The forcing.

We say I desire to have this thing now. To make this money now. To get this house now.

And then we freak out. Get in our heads. Try to figure it out.

That part of us. That knowing. That trusting. That faith we hold deep down inside takes a little break.

And off we go.

Listening to the stories inside.

It’s not working. It’s not coming. I need to hold on so that it stays.

But here’s the thing with manifestation…

What you desire. What you know deep inside is meant for you. That life you know is happening.

It all wants you back.

But we cannot try to force it. Understand it. Make it happen.

It is our job to decide it is done. To become the woman who has it now. To live in alignment with who she is.

To collapse the timeline. To allow it in…

Our job is to fill our vortex with faith. With belief. With knowing.

That the next level is on its way.

To walk. To let it go. To trust it’s here.

To. Be. Her. Now.

And it will always come. It has to. It wants to.

If we breathe. Trust. Move.

And let it.

xo! Mindy


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