Burn. Baby. Burn. 


Burn. Baby. Burn. 🔥🔥

Walk in your truth. Activate your power. Let the past slip away.

Set the world on fire.

Surrender to the flame.

Let. The. Dragon. FREE.

The time for ascension is here. The rise from the ashes is coming.

Walk in the fire. Stand in your power. Activate your truth.

No. Matter. What.

No matter what they do. No matter what they think. No matter what they say.

Stand firm.

Release the dragon inside. Let her burn. Let her fly. Let her speak.

Let. Her. Be.

Do not be afraid. But if you are…

Do it anyway.

You have the power. You are the power.

It’s time to set her free.

Welcome to UNCHAINED. Welcome to your next level. Welcome to the woman you’re here to be

xo! Mindy


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