The choice is yours...


There is so much duality in the world right now.

So much questioning. Silencing. Dividing.

So much emotion. Conviction. Passion.

So much freedom. Pain. Expression wanting to break free.

So. Much. Control.

And we get to decide.

To Navigate the constructs. The platforms. The systems.

In such a way that our message is heard. That our words are not shut down. That our body’s are seen.

To delicately move like a tiger slipping through the grass.

To be magnetic.

To draw them in.


To say F- the system. F- the algorithm. F- the matrix.

To say the thing you’re here to say.

No. Matter. What.

No matter what they say. No matter what they do. No matter what the algorithm decides.

To trust that the people you’re here for will always see you. Will always find you.

That the work is always working.

That your souls will transcend the divide.

Because the truth is…both are right. The truth is they can coexist in such a beautiful way.

If we allow it.

Flirting with the boundaries. Playing with the rules. Teasing the establishment.

To see how far they will bend.

What if today it’s not about being censored. What if today. It’s not being shut down.

What if today it’s a game we play.

What if today…we bend and see how far until they break.

What if today…we get to decide.

What if today…we get to fly.

xo! Mindy


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