Welcome to the vortex...


To the woman here to change the world…

We do not create so that they will buy. We do not create so that they will get results.

We do not create so that they will follow. We do not create for likes and comments.

We create because it is our job to create.

It is our job to allow the message to come through. It our job to live in alignment with our art every single day. It is our job to sit our ass in the chair and see what happens.

It’s our job to show up. To live the unconventional life. To create the undefinable business.

To leave a legacy. A body of work. An impact.

Because it is. Because it’s why we’re here. Because it’s what we chose.

To live. To experience so much joy. So much pleasure. So much abundance.

So. Much. Yes.

To do things differently. To live beyond the box. To live outside rules.

To be avant-garde.

We are the Pioneers. The Rebels. The Paradigm Shifters.

The ones who shake shit up.

We are the ones who blaze the trail. The ones who make the path. The ones who live the unconventional life.

The ones who go first.

We are the ones who say yes. You can do it. Yes it’s possible. Yes you can have it all.

We are the ones who have the audacity to ask for what we want. Assume the answer is yes and walk it out as if it is.

Every. Single. Day.

We are the Artists. The Visionaries. The Creatrix.

We are the Catalyst.

We are unavailable for the rules…and together we are changing the world.

I’m here for the Rebel Woman. The one who goes first. The one who never gives up.

I’m here for expansion…walking through the fire…jumping off the cliff.

I’m here for more money. More impact. More freedom. More life than you ever thought possible.

I’m here for having it all and then calling in even more.

I’m here for ease. I’m here for sexy. I’m here for the next level.

And so are you.

The Expanse is now OPEN. You and me 1:1. The life you’re really here for. Everything is included.

2 spots. Investment increases next week.

Your soul already knows. You know what to do. 😉

xo! Mindy


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