When it feels like everything is falling apart...


What to do when the world feels like it’s falling apart.

Being in alignment means trusting our desires. It means connecting to Source. It means asking…if I knew everything I did made me money.

What would I do right now.

Who would I be right now.

How would I feel right now.

Because the truth is. Right now is all we’ve got.

The past is just a memory. The future is only a story.

The truth is in our right now. The truth is in this present moment.

It’s not about what happened before. It’s not about what might happen later.

It’s about anchoring in our right now. No matter what is going on around us.

And knowing.

That everything is going to be ok.

That in this moment. Even when things don’t look like we want. Even when things don’t feel like we want. Even when things aren’t how we want.

That we are still ok.

That we can still find the magic. The beauty. The light.

That we can still find so much joy in the chaos.

That no matter what is happening around us. We will not be defined by our circumstances. That the world around us will not define our right now.

That no matter what.

We are always one decision away from joy. One choice away from happiness.

One move away from shifting everything.

That story we tell ourselves. That things will keep getting worse. That they will spiral out of control. That we are not ok.

Can change in an instant.

Can shift in a moment. Can transform overnight.

This is the work. This the path. This is why we’re here.

To come back home. To remember.

That we are ok. Everything’s ok. That it’s always going to be ok.

If we decide that it is. If we allow it. If we choose.

It’s entirely up to you. What story will you write today. 

xo! Mindy


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