Mindy…what if it doesn’t mean anything 🤷🏼‍♀️


What if we could detach from the story. The result. The outcome.

What if we could be fully present. Fully embodied. Fully alive.

What if we could stop making everything mean something.

About us. About them.

What if we could just be right here. Right now. In this moment. In this magic.

What if we could receive…live…move from this place.

What if we could let go of the definitions.

Good. Bad. Dark. Light. Right. Wrong.

What if everything has the potential to serve us. What if they no longer define us.

What if we held the power. What if we set the rules. What if let go of the pressure.

The needing to have it all figured out.

The needing to feel bad. The needing to define it all.

What if we could launch the thing. Fck the boy. Live the life.

And be satisfied in whatever happens. What if we redefine success. Power. Abundance.

What if we were filled up. Always.

What if that got to be ok.

What if the sex is just sex. The launch is just a launch. The risk is just a risk.

What if it doesn’t have to mean anything.

What if it could be fun. Satisfying. Exciting.

And the rest could just work itself out.

What if we don’t have to choose one or the other. What if we lived in the world of yes…and.

What if the stories we tell ourselves could shift. What if we could detangle the emotions.

What if we compound the good. Walk through the fire. Let it burn. Let it go.

What if we could just be. And that was enough.

What if that’s why we’re here. To feel. To live. To love. To fck. To play. To create. To thrive.

What if the story is that everything is always working out for us. That when we choose to walk in alignment. When we first connect to that Source energy inside of us and move from there.

That we cannot fck it up.

What if today. We let go of the shame. The I’m not good enough. The what was I thinking. The they will never like me. The it will never work.

And trust.

That when we move from here. It’s always working out.

This is our choice. This is our moment. This is our life.

What will you decide.

xo! Mindy

PS. The EXPANSE is now open.

You and me 1:1. High level support. Calibrating to the vibe of yes more please.

This is the next level. This is the next step. This is creating the best year of our lives.

This is the highest container. The biggest shifts. The money moves.

This is walking in your power like never before.

Embodying HER.

This is more money. More power. More impact.

This is what it means to play in my world.

If you’re ready to soar. I’m ready to hold you.

You cannot outgrow me. You cannot scare me away.

You cannot be too much.

I’m here for the leaders who hold leaders. I’m here for thyou baddest btches in the room.

I’m here for the next level.

Together we shatter the glass ceiling and your life is never the same again.

Message me to find out more.

I love you.


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