The day I lost it all…

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This morning I made $3,000 while laying in bed after a night of mind blowing…I digress.

2 years ago I went from $10,000 - $20,000 cash months to having $147 in my bank account almost overnight.

The world shifted in an instant and so did my income.

I remember how it felt. The fear. The uncertainty. The walls crashing in around me.

The questioning.

And then something happened. I made a decision.

That I would not be defined by my circumstances. That I would not give up my power. That I would not quit no matter what.

I decided to go all in on the madness. The magic. The mayhem of who I’m here to be.

I decided to trust.

I decided to jump.

I remember wondering how I would make ends meet…one. More. Time.

I remember feeling like a failure.

I remember not knowing what to do.

And…I remember the offer.

The one that changed everything.

The one that made no sense at all.

The one that changed my life…

[…] to be continued


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